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Get to Know Joanne


Hello and Blessings to You!

​It's an honor to meet you. Thank you for stopping by. Here's a little bit about me,

why love is so important to me

and especially why I have chosen to work primarily, with women and men that are ready to find and be with their true love.

Quick History Bullet Points:

You may be asking why do I want to list my history with bullet points. The reason is this. I live in the present, not the past. The past has been a gift to me to help me, get to where I am today.  I'm sharing it with you right now because these bullet points may explain why I am so deeply passionate about life today for me and for you.

  • Born in Newton Massachusetts 

  • Raised in a very loving family with a mom, dad, 2 sisters and a brother. At this point, Mom is 93 years old and Dad is 99 years old

  • Physically and sexually abused by my grandmother's maid from birth until I was 10 years old, which is when she passed away. (this was hidden from everyone, including my own mind)

  • Always expected to see the good in people and I still believe that the good is what's real

  • Married a total of 4 times

  • In between marriage 2 and 3,  I had a life-changing event. I literally saw the Divine Infinite light and continue to see this Divine Infinite Presence in and as everyone and everything.

I love doing deep Spiritual work with my clients, supporting them as they release, and move forward into their Vision. Yes, we have a lot of fun and laughs, too. I help my clients feel ever so safe in my gentle soft way to express their fears, concerns, and their true wishes, dreams, and desires. 

Here is the gift and where I want to start the story. I saw the white light I had left my body completely and  I was told it's not my time, you have a service to do. I was almost 40 years old at that time.

Fast forward to today:

My Beloved and I will be starting our 9th year together in July 2021. Every day and every night I thank the Universe for bringing us together. I not only love him, I like him and love being with him and having him in my life.

I love Love and believe that anyone that is looking for their right Partner deserves to find and be with them.

My number one priority relationship is the one I have with God, Spirit, Nature, Goddess, Universe, whatever name I choose to call it. This Love relationship with God is my Truth and All Love. From here I get to celebrate who each one is. Anyone that knows me will say, "Joanne loves Love!" And that, my friend, is who I am. I love to see and know the good in all, as the Divine Source expressing Its Magnificence.

It is pure joy for me to guide and support my clients open their hearts to welcome their ideal love partner in their lives. I fill my life up with God, healthy loving relationships, family, friends, colleagues, and clients. 

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