Frequently Asked Questions for Love Coach Joanne's Private Membership Facebook Group

Who is Intuitive Love Coach Joanne?

Joanne Sapers is a Certified Intuitive Love Relationship Coach that is Divinely guided to serve Spirit. By opening her heart to hear the Heart messages of women and men's hearts worldwide, she offers loving guidance and support in the unique way she has been gifted to hear and then share each one's heart message in a very concrete practical way.

Who will benefit most from being part of this private membership Love relationship Group?

This private membership Love Relationship Group is designed to help anyone that is looking for support and guidance around love relationships. This includes asking questions about current love relationships, past love relationships, self love and how to express self love in a healthy way.

What is the purpose of the On The Spot With Intuitive Love Coach Joanne's Private Membership Love Relationship Coaching site?

The purpose of this Private Membership Love Relationship group is for Joanne to make her coaching services available to anyone that would love support and guidance from her. Up until now the majority of her coaching has been Individuals programs that have been an investment for her clients of thousands per month. Now in order to reach millions, Love Coach Joanne is being guided through Spirit to offer this Private Membership Love Relationship Group. Through this very affordable platform, Joanne is offering you group coaching, support, guidance and specific tools around healthy Relationship boundaries, finding your true love, love, clarity with others, learning how to listen to your inner guidance and support around self love. The purpose of this Private Membership group is for Joanne to offer her coaching to all those that would love some support and guidance around their love relationships and not have to pay what she charges for her one on one coaching.

How does Love Coach Joanne offer support and guidance to Members of this Private Love Relationship Group?

Each week Love Coach Joanne will answer one or a few questions and/or concerns that she has previously received or are being asked on the live Webinar. Only those that are Members of this Private Love Relationship Group, will have the opportunity to ask live or submit their questions and or concerns prior to the weekly live Webinar.

Does anyone know who submitted the questions or concerns?

All questions and concerns can be spoken openly or remain anonymous. How you choose to ask your questions prior to the Webinar or during the private live Webinar, is your decision.

What format do you use to submit your questions and or concerns to Love Coach Joanne prior to the Live Tuesday private Love Relationship Webinar? (Again you can always join live on the day of the Webinar and submit your question(s) annonymously in the chat box.)

The format is simple: Using a form that's been created specifically for this Membership Private Membership Group: You may ask questions in the chat box during the live Webinar. You're welcome to speak during the Webinar, sharing your question. Or prior to the Live webinar, you can submit question(s) on Sunday by 5:00 pm EST through this form. Please include:

  1. Your First name
  2. Your Love Relationship question or concern that you would like some Love Coaching around. (Please briefly write this in about 30 - 40 words.)
  3. Your email

Can anyone submit questions or concerns?

No. In order to have your questions or concerns answered on the "On the Spot With Intuitive Love Coach Joanne Live Zoom Webinar, you are required to be part of this Private Membership Group.

When will the On the Spot with Intuitive Love Coach Joanne's private live Love Relationship Zoom Webinars take place?

Each week starting October 6th, 2020 Joanne will be doing her private live Webinar every Tuesday at 10 o'clock a.m. Eastern standard time for 30 minutes.

What if I'm not available at that time?

That's totally fine. Watch the videos whenever you would like. On Joanne's Private Membership YouTube channel, On the Spot with Joanne, you'll be able to watch all recordings.

What are Intuitive Love Coach Joanne's credentials?

Joanne Sapers is a Certified Coach specializing as a Love Relationship Coach. She is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and she was Director of Admissions of a Spiritual Institute Online.

What her clients say:

"Working with Joanne has been a blessing. She is a woman of integrity and lives what she coaches. With her tools and guidance, she helped me break through some limiting beliefs that were barriers to my success both personally and professionally. She brings endless enthusiasm for the wellbeing of her clients and continues to be a source of inspiration today. Thank you, Joanne.” ​Elaine B. RI, USA "The universe sent me Joanne. Not only is she a remarkable and gifted person, but she knows how to share her gifts to help others. She saw my struggle, and knew just what to do, giving me specific instructions. Over the past few days, I have experienced some wonderful things I feel so blessed, and I am so grateful to Joanne—and the universe that sent her!" Elizabeth J. Joanne is a talented, gentle coach who keeps me moving. Sometimes the dreams actually materialize too quickly! She has provided me with real tools and techniques along with incredible insight. Thank you Joanne, the new home and farm are still on track for an early August closing.” Michelle Hughes RI, USA

What is the format of each week's Tuesday 30 minute Private Live Zoom Love Relationship Webinar?

Each live 30 minute weekly One the Spot with Intuitive Love Coach Joanne's Private Membership Webinar will be a combination of Q & A, Love Relationship Coaching and more. How are questions asked? There are two ways to ask questions. During the Live Webinar everyone is invited to type their question into the chat box. Joanne will be guided by Spirit to intuitively choose one or two questions each week, that will best benefit the members. If your question is chosen during the live Webinar, you are welcome to ask your question or you can remain annonymous and Joanne will be happy to read your question for you.
The second option is to submit the "Ask Intuitive Coach Joanne a Question" form by 5:00 EST on Sunday night. Not sure you will be able to attend the liuve Webinar? That's works, too. All live Webinars will be recorded and available for members only on the private membership YouTube channel. ​

*Disclaimer- Please Read

Joanne Sapers is a Certified Coach and a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. She does not treat or diagnose. If you choose to ask her questions or concerns, you are 100% responsible for your actions. She is not a Doctor or a Counselor. If you are concerned about your mental health, please call a professional Doctor, mental health Counselor or 911. Joanne Sapers takes no responsibility for your interpretation of her Intuitive guidance and support. She is here to offer you loving guidance and support, not to treat or diagnose. 

Blessings and Infinite Divine Love to you and to all!


Warwick, R.I.





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