"For the past eighteen months, forces in this country…in the world… just beyond myself…have left me overwhelmed by anxiety, anger, and despair.


Recently I have been reflecting on these questions: “Is there anyone out there who can help me cope with these difficult times? Who can help me realign my attitude and state of being with my spiritual practice?”


Simply put, the universe sent me Joanne. Not only is she a remarkable and gifted person, but she knows how to share her gifts to help others. She saw my struggle, and knew just what to do, giving me specific instructions for what I am calling “active meditations.” Since then, I have put them into practice on a daily basis (many, many times a day, to be precise!). Over the past few days, I have witnessed and experienced some wonderful things—people I’m meeting, places I’m going—just by focusing on my [new] thoughts and following signs from the universe!

I feel so blessed, and I am so grateful to Joanne—and the universe that sent her!"

Elizabeth J.

“Joanne has helped me in so many ways, but the most important thing my association with Joanne has provided me is clarity…clarity in knowing what I want and even more importantly what I don’t want; clarity in what questions to ask; and clarity in my intentions and how I word them.  My association with Joanne is priceless and I am blessed to have been wise enough to take that leap of faith in partnering with her to achieve my goals and dreams.”  http://DJHorton.SuccessToday.com

DJ Horton RI, USA




"Within the first month I had such growth and enlightenment. Things were already changing...my life was shifting and vibrating at a higher level.  I began to have a deeper understanding of the whole picture and making decisions that would move me forward. Making breakthroughs in relationships through forgiveness, attracting more business, growing financially and getting set free from all the that hold us back.

I highly recommend Joanne as a Spiritual Psychology Practitioner and Certified Coach. She will work with you to help your dreams become your reality. My dreams are now my Truth.!!   My life will never be the same!”

Gisele S.

Massachusetts, USA

“Joanne Sapers is an Angel...  seriously! She works exactly how I imagine an Angel would work. She always answers my email questions promptly -- even if with just a line or two, those lines would make all the difference in how I behaved with a man. Joanne is truly gifted; she knew exactly how to guide me every step of the way to a fulfilling relationship.


During our hour long coaching session, she zoomed into what was most valuable and important to be conscious of.   I recommend Joanne to all of my friends and anyone who is struggling with anything or have given up on ever finding a fulfilling love relationship.

Thank you so much!”

Laurie C.    CT, USA

“Working with Joanne has been a blessing. She is a woman of integrity and lives what she coaches. With her tools and guidance, she helped me break through some limiting beliefs that were barriers to my success both personally and professionally. She brings endless enthusiasm for the wellbeing of her clients and continues to be a source of inspiration today. Thank you, Joanne.”

Elaine Blais  RI, USA

“Joanne is a talented, gentle coach who keeps me moving.  Sometimes the dreams actually materialize too quickly! She has provided me with real tools and techniques along with incredible incredible insight.  Thank you Joanne, the new home and farm are still on track for an early August closing.”

Michelle Hughes  RI, USA

“Over the last year Joanne Sapers has helped transform me which has helped transform my life. She is one of the most gifted Coaches and she  really listens. Joanne challenges me in a very loving way and then helps me get right back on track. I am now actualizing my life and stepping into the power of creating the life I've always dreamed of.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every time that I'm with Joanne. I still have more work to do and I couldn't think of a more trustworthy loyal coach to work with. It's a pleasure. Thank you Joanne”

Carrie. RI, USA


Warwick, R.I.





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