Heart Confetti
Date and be with the man You are meant to Love!

Let’s face it. No one wants to make dating a profession, especially when your heart says, I’m ready. Where are you?


What if there is a way to feel safer in the dating world, and you can meet the man you are meant to like and LOVE?

What does your heart want? What is it saying?


Is it saying I want to spend my life with the right man? He gets me. I get him. We add to each other’s lives. We don’t detract. He has my back, and I have his. He believes in me and my dreams and I believe in his dreams. That’s how I feel about him. He’s my best friend, lover, partner, and confidant. We like and love being with each other. We give each additional space.

He knows me, and I know him; we have healthy boundaries. I love our intimacy, passion, and love for each other. Life is even more incredible by sharing our dreams.


And then your mind starts telling you that dating doesn’t work out that way. You may hear thoughts that say it's not easy to meet the right man; you haven't met him yet. There are a lot of jerks and scammers out there, and the last thing you want to do is waste your time being with the wrong man. And then you may hear, I don't want to be alone.


This is precisely why I am offering these three free dating Zoom calls. What makes me the right person to provide you with guidance and hope? I don't know what your life has been like between your dating, marriages, and divorces or if these have been your path.


I've been married four times, engaged twice, and I am a Certified Coach whose expertise is in Love Relationships. I BELIEVE IN LOVE for myself and YOU, if that’s what you want! LOVE is Real!

Let me help you understand the pitfalls you can or may have encountered in your dating, marriage, and divorce experiences.


In my life, I just got married again. Yes. This time I have done it right. I am now married to the love of my life. We are going on our tenth year together. Every day with Dave is loving and Sacred. We choose to share our lives forever because we like and love each other. Again, four marriages before I met Dave. Please don’t give up on your dreams. Your dreams count! I believe in You and your goals!


My goal is to make dating feel better for you in a loving dating community of like-minded, loving women. I’m here to help you have the most nurturing and caring positive experiences that move you from dating to sharing your life with the man you are wishing for and destined to be with!


I want to help you experience an easier, happier, safer, loving, more fun dating journey that brings the two of you together! Join our caring, like-minded dating community, receive support and guidance, make new friends, and share these experiences in a no-judgment, just Loving healing space.

If the idea of dating feels scary or just not worth the hassle, and you know you would love to be with the right partner, check out my three-step proven process. I will help you create your vision, a Magnetic Profile, notice Red Flags and stay away from the scammers.

This way it is all about attracting the man that Loves You for You!

Here's what you're going to learn.

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Week 1

Step 1 -
Learn the prerequisites to turning dating into being with the man you are meant to LOVE!

This is my favorite step, and I'll tell you why. Here is where your dreams start to begin the manifestation process. This is a place to play, imagine, and dance in the belief that it can be possible for you to be with this amazing man you love and love each other in such a healthy, fun, and exciting way! 


When you become clear of this man’s characteristics and qualities, you'll decide whom you want to get to know and whom you want to stay away from. This is how you let the universe know that you're ready to attract the right man to you.

Thursdays May 5th  - 10:00 am - 11:00 am EST.

Week 2

Step 2
Create a Magnetic Profile that attracts the man who loves you for you.
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Once you have a clear vision of what it will feel like to have this man in your life, you will be able to write a magnetic profile that will attract him and not attract the wrong men. It will draw him because he'll know you are talking to him when you speak about his characteristics and qualities.

Now, you have a definite idea of the man you are meant to Love, and you have written a magnetic profile that he can feel you are talking directly to him. Our third week together is all about how you follow your incredible Dating journey that leads to the two of you connecting! Love is in the air and looking for you!

Thursday  May 12th  10:00 am - 11:00 am EST.

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Week 3

Learn the subtle red flags to avoid scammers and time-wasters to date and be with the man
You are meant to Love!

It can feel scary when you're dating, knowing that there are scammers. They can waste your time, and you can feel violated by them, even if it's just with a conversation online.

I’ve got you!  Week 3 is essential to get you ready to feel safe, confident, and excited to begin or continue your dating journey. Focus your energy only on what is healthy, incredible LOVE.


Now that you've gone through this three-step proven process, everything can feel better and easier. It’s time for the real fun to begin, feeling support and love dating as part of our Dating community with like-minded women!


If you'd like to know more about our dating community, I would love to have a conversation with you, answer any questions, and see if our community will be an excellent fit. Remember, this is all about you, and you get to say yes to what you know in your heart

you want to experience! Love! 

Thursday,  May 19th  10:00 am - 11:00 am EST.

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